Tonya Gorman

tonya-rotatedTonya Gorman is studying to win her B.A. in Holistic Health & Healing, lives in Portland and attended the Portland Living Wisdom School. She spent a year of her high school education in Switzerland, has lived and traveled in Costa Rica, hopes to travel and serve in Peru, and speaks very good Spanish. Tonya is interested in Sustainability and Community and has been instrumental in helping raise awareness of sustainability practices, healthy non-GMO food sources, permaculture and organic growing, and healthy vegetarian food for the Ananda College campus Green Hill Café. As well as attending full-time college, she also holds a part-time job at New Seasons Market to help pay for her college education.

Dear Ananda College Scholarship Donors,
My experience thus far at Ananda College has been transformational. The individuals attending this school are remarkable and every day I learn as much from my peers as I do in my classes. My classes are also meaningful and aid to the transformation of my perspectives in a holistic ever-broadening way. I am studying to get a B.A. as well as my Yoga Teacher Training certificate. My area of focus is holistic health and healing. To me this focus area is more than just the healing of individuals, also of the planet. How to
live sustainably and in community is a huge part of taking care of the planet and it is wonderful to experience this first hand here at the college. We are working on permaculture designs for the land as well as assisting in the process of implementing. It is so wonderful to be a part of a school that I am passionate about and that supports myown passions and interest. I am so grateful for this opportunity and it would not be possible without the financial support I am getting from this scholarship.

Tonya Gorman