Rosie Ayala

rosie ayalaRosie Ayala graduated from Forest Charter School in Nevada City. She attended SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) before transferring to Ananda College. Rosie is studying to receive a B.A. at Ananda College. She enjoys spending time in and appreciating nature as well as creating art. She is focusing on general Living Wisdom Studies until she finds her specific focus she would like to pursue. After graduation, Rosie would like to travel and experience other cultures, applying what she has learned from her classes to understanding and interacting with the world around her.

First off, I’d like to say thank you for allowing me this opportunity to attend Ananda College of Living Wisdom. It has been such an experience thus far, and I can hardly restrain my excitement for the next three years here. I am working towards my B.A. and in what, I do not yet know. Perhaps it will be in the field of art or writing or World Cultures & Consciousness. Right now I am putting my efforts into the general Living Wisdom Studies to broaden my mind to the kinds of things out there. I suspect that this will be my path until I reach an A.A. and go into a more focused frame of mind for where I want to go in life. Right now, it looks like it may be some breed between Art and World Cultures & Consciousness but that is susceptible to change.

Without the scholarship you granted me I know that this opportunity would not be in my hands, so again I thank you. I look forward to learning deeply of foreign cultures and yugas in the World Cultures and Consciousness classes that they offer here. This semester I am reveling in my Fiction Writing class where I am able to work hard and get feedback on a story I’ve wanted to bring to the novel status since summer. It is definitely on its way!

Before coming to Ananda College I was attending SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)–quite the opposite of my routine here. I didn’t feel the fulfillment there that I do here. Although I was learning of subjects that I had passion for (English, art history, painting) I wasn’t nearly getting the depth into the subjects that I thirsted for. Here I am not only able but thoroughly encouraged and helped along in my research to explore the depths of such subjects and more! Here I can explore classes on healing, eastern philosophies, and leadership–things that truly are living wisdom.

This opportunity means so much to me, deeply, deeply from my heart. I am offered a curriculum that works with me instead of against me. Challenges me but does not overwhelm. Teaches me academics but also more about my self and soul. Thank you for help bringing this into my reality.

Sincerest thanks and Blessed Be,

Rosie Ayala