Rob Froelick

04/15/1950 — 07/21/2018

From Lisa Powers:
For those of you who lived at the Village and knew Rob from the late 70’s forward, you may not have heard that he finished this lifetime of 68 years on July 21st, 2018. Rob had moved into a skilled nursing center in 2015, and dealt with health ups and downs since. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 3 weeks before he passed. With god’s grace Rob was able to overcome some very difficult karma in his last few years. It was a real victory. His intellect, humor, and kindness and consideration for others remained with him to the end of this life. He was, perhaps, best known for his years of engagement with the school, scouts, and outdoor skills building and adventures with the children of the community on many camping and river trips. He was an early videographer for the community and I believe he started the summer market lawn movies when it was still a 8 and 16mm movie projector using big round reels of film. Also one of the original “geeks” helping to launch Ananda into the computer age, especially in the design world. He taught PageMaker and Photo Shop in the school as well as mentoring many adults in these “new” ground breaking programs. He brought these skills to his desk when he was the editor/designer for The Villager. Many of you also knew Anne Rasmussen, his mother, also a long time devotee of Masters, and resident of Ananda Village until her passing on July 25, 2002