Rachel Anderson

rachel-rotated Rachel Anderson is from Seattle and is a senior in High School, doing an advanced program with Ananda College of Living Wisdom.  Her long-term intention is to become an Education For Life teacher, but for her first college term, she has been experimenting with the core curriculum and taking Eastern Wisdom Traditions, Directional Psychology, Holistic Mathematics, Creative Writing, Pilates, Expansive Expression of Music and Movement, Chinese III (as independent study), and  Cooperative Communities. “ I have been having so much fun integrating what I learn from each class into the other classes and into my life as a whole. Thank you very much for supporting me as I learn and grow.”

Dear Generous Souls,
It means so much to me and my fellow students that you are willing to assist in our education. The experience I am having here is difficult to express in words because I feel it more as an opening of my mind and heart. I have been with Ananda Living Wisdom High School for three years, but this is my first year at the college and even after only two months, I have experienced immense, positive shifts in the way I interact with my friends, family, nature, and my own inner self.

The most exciting thing for me in attending this school is the ability to take every little scrap of information and not have to worry about it going to waste. Here, I am able to take what I learn in my class on Holistic Mathematics; apply it to a class on the Bhagavad Gita, Dao De Jing, and Buddhist Texts; practice integrating these ideas into everyday life using techniques from Directional Psychology; write a story about it in Creative Writing; and then discuss my discoveries with the other students over a bowl of oatmeal before Pilates class. Here, I feel nourished and cared for by every teacher and student. Here, I have made lasting friendships with beautiful souls. Experiencing Ananda College of Living Wisdom has given me the tools necessary to face the world with enthusiasm, wisdom, and an appreciation of truth in all its different forms.

If you have a bucket list going, check off ‘change someone’s life’, because mine has been changed for the better due to your kindness and generosity. If you live in the moment, know that there is always gratitude surrounding you. If you simply seek to share joy, you have succeeded in sharing not only joy, but peace, harmony, love, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

This experience wouldn’t have been possible without your support so my sincerest appreciation travels to you with mountains of blessings and joy.
For all that you do: thank you,

Rachel Anderson,
Ananda College of Living Wisdom
Laurelwood Campus