John Davis Chandler

January 28, 1935 – February 16, 2010

John & Swamiji, Crystal Clarity dinner, 2009

John Davis Chandler was a long-time devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda. He moved from West Virginia to the Los Angeles area in the 1960s and pursued an active acting career that spanned 40 years.

John attended the SRF Hollywood Church saying this was a favorite of his “because Master had built it and because Swamiji (Kriyananda) had lectured there.” John also met Norman Paulsen, another direct disciple of Yogananda’s and visited and supported the Sunburst Community that Norman had established outside of Buellton, California.

Beginning in 2001, John became connected with Ananda and was a regular and generous donor to a number of the Ananda ministries. When Ananda Los Angeles began in the summer of 2007, John supported and attended regularly the services and satsangs that were offered by Ananda in the Los Angeles area.

In numerous conversations with John over the past several years, he always wanted to know more about this path and about Master’s teachings. He was a gentle and generous man who loved Master and this path. We shall miss him.
Parvati Hansen
August 6, 2010