Janaka Tea

The Janaka Legacy Fellowship was established in 2006 to recognize all those who have named the Ananda Janaka Foundation and/or Ananda in their will, trust, as an IRA or Life Insurance beneficiary, or in other estate planning. We deeply appreciate this kind of planning which supports the future of Ananda. Please contact Parvati Hansen at the Ananda Janaka office for further information on the Janaka Legacy Fellowship: 530-478-7695.

The Ananda Janaka Foundation Grants 2017 were announced at the Ananda/Janaka Tea, showing what we supported in 2017.

If you have named the Ananda Janaka Foundation or Ananda in your estate planning, please let us know. We would love to have you join us at next year’s Ananda/Janaka tea!

Janaka Tea Gathering

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Four guests

Two Women Guests


Two Men Guests


Leave a Legacy Gift for Ananda Legacy gifts can be given to Ananda by including the Anada Janaka Foundation in your will, trust, or as a beneficiary of your IRA or Life Insurance policy, to name a few options. These kinds of gifts are deeply appreciated as we look to the future of Ananda’s mission.

For more information on how to include Ananda in your estate planning, please Contact Us.