In 2017 the Ananda Janaka Foundation gave the following Grants in support of Ananda:
Recipient Purpose Grant Use
Treasures Along the Path For converting to digital format early talks by Swami Kriyananda recorded on reel-to-reel tapes. Read more.. $10,000
The Expanding Light, Karma Yoga staff position The second half of a year of salary support for a staff training position. Read more.. $10,000
Ananda Communications Department To make Ananda better known in the world and make what Ananda offers more easily available to people. Read more.. $50,000
Ananda Memorial Garden site Construction of a simple outdoor site where Memorial services and mediation can take place. Located at Lotus Lake, Ananda Village. Read more.. $13,000
Ananda Church of Self Realization, Nevada County For general support of the church. $10,000