Media Interviews

The Communications team arranged over 30 interviews for Jyotish and Devi with journalists. They also completed the Ananda video, “You Can Live in Joy” which is 3 and a half minutes of inspiration and information about Ananda’s teachings and Ananda in general. This video will be posted on and will have subtitles in
at least 10 languages. Short videos developed for use on Facebook continue to reach 25,000 to 100,000 people annually.

Ananda Meditation App

The feedback has been wonderful on this new offering of how to meditate, guided meditations, inspiration and more. After the first month it had been downloaded 5,598 times, and 107 reviews averaging 4.9 had been done. Over the course of a week around 1,200 unique people will use this new App!

Be the Change (I meditate) campaign and movement

Many spiritual leaders have been invited to participate with Ananda on the first International Day of Meditation scheduled for Fall 2018.

United Nations Award for Ananda, November 2017

The date for Jyotish and Devi to receive this award on behalf of Ananda was set up by the Communications department. They will receive it at the United Nations building in New York City.

Videos for Ananda events and websites

These have been created by Bhaktan from the Communications staff. Video subjects have included – the Ananda communities and meditation groups for a presentation at the Assisi Intercontinental Kriyaban retreat; the new Meditation app with Guided Meditations, Instruction in meditation, and more; Ananda Music facebook page; video clips for Asha’s 2017 East Coast tour; and other short promotional videos for and social media.