Training the next generation of Ananda leaders, teachers, and members is a top priority for Ananda in the coming years.

To support this training, the Janaka Foundation has given grants to the following areas:

Next Wave Conference at Ananda Assisi, July 2016

This conference was held for the first time in July of 2016 at the Ananda Assisi community and retreat center. It was a time for the Next Wave of Ananda members from America, India, and Europe, to meet each other and spend time together.
Many of the original Ananda members served together in various ways in the building of Ananda. As we have grown into an international work, we have found these long-term spiritual connections very helpful. It has kept Ananda harmonious and united through these natural connections of friendship and trust. This conference at Ananda Assisi has been a way to begin to provide these same kinds of connections for the people coming after us.

The Expanding Light, Karma Yoga apprentice position

The Janaka Foundation grant for the Karma Yoga apprentice position has allowed The Expanding Light to hire Nandadevi Traymar for an apprentice position. She now works with Trimurti Motyka, the long-time director of the Karma Yoga program, in learning all aspects of this important program.
The participants in the Karma Yoga program not only serve at The Expanding Light and take part in daily and weekly classes, but through this program they have the opportunity to experience Yogananda’s teachings in daily life. This program also serves as part of the training for those interested in membership in Ananda.