Grants 2016 – Communities & Centers

The large estate gift the Janaka Foundation received in 2016 has allowed us to give a number of Grants in 2016. Below are those grants given to some of the major areas of Ananda in recognition of the scope of Ananda’s worldwide work.
Janaka - Ananda Palo Alto
Recipient Grant Use
Ananda Palo Alto

(This was a 10% tithe given in recognition
of the donor’s long-time connection with
Ananda in Palo Alto.)

Ananda Sacramento $10,000
Ananda Portland $10,000
Ananda Seattle $10,000
Ananda Village $10,000
Ananda Assisi $10,000
Ananda India $10,000
Ananda Mexico $5,000
Ananda Los Angeles $5,000