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The movie, Finding Happiness, will debut in 2013.  This movie has now debuted and is available on DVD. It is a full-length film about the small-communities solution to the problems of modern times, as found at Ananda Village in Nevada City, California. The grant given by the Janaka Foundation to Hansa Productions will be used for pre-production costs and for casting of actors.

January 16, 2013
Swami Kriyananda’s comments after viewing the “director’s cut” of the movie:

Dear Ones,
Please tell everyone–I have just returned from a celebratory dinner after watching “Finding Happiness.” I am still teary eyed from the experience. This movie is the culmination of so many years of ardent efforts to serve Master. I can’t begin to tell everyone how proud and happy I am for and of you all. You were so natural so eloquent, so intelligent! In fact, the most beautiful thing about the movie is that all of you were so YOU!!! It was completely genuine: not a false note throughout. Ted did a magnificent job. Shivani and Asha did magnificent jobs. The whole crew did a magnificent job. Roberto did magnificently. And even I–you know, I can’t hear myself clearly when I speak or sing. I was quite surprised! Truthfully, not only my voice, but no one’s voice could be satisfactorily dubbed in another language. The depth of sincerity would be lost. Subtitles are the only answer.
Really, I am not only proud of all of you for helping so outstandingly to bring Master’s vision to the world. With this movie I see the realization of Master’s prophecy that this ideal would “spread like wildfire” throughout the world. The movie’s impact will be global. As an ancient prophecy foretold for me recently, “Ananda will become no longer a place: It will become an ideal.”
May God bless everyone who had anything to do with this project. Its impact will be far reaching and profound.

with deep love,
swami kriyananda