by Swami Kriyananda

The word “hospice” is defined in my dictionary differently from modern usage. It means, “A lodging for travelers, especially one kept by a religious order.” Why “Evening Hospice”? Because alternative words (twilight, sunset) suggest a sense of loss.

“Evening Hospice” will be a place of retirement for elderly people. Every effort will be made to make it a true, alternate home for them

A frequently repeated theme in the Bhagavad Gita is the importance of preparing for death. Death is the “final exam” of life. In old age, especially, people should be readied for their final exit into a better world, a better future — and, if possible, liberation from all earthly ties.

Counseling should be given both to groups and to individuals with a view to helping them in the following ways:

1. to face the past;

2. to relinquish attachments;

3. to accept past errors without regret as simple facts, trying to see that it was God, through their imperfect understanding, who did it all;

4. to release the grip of ego-consciousness;

5. to release, one by one, every desire and attachment into the Supreme Bliss;

6. to offer every regret into God’s love and Infinite Consciousness;

7. to forgive past hurts and betrayals;

8. to give out universal love to everyone, even to so-called enemies;

9. to help them see that everyone is motivated, however misguidedly, by the same soul-craving for Satchidananda;

10. to concentrate on infinity;

11. to practice devotion;

12. to learn to overcome fear by realizing that we are not this body.

Monks and nuns could take on this work as their form of self-support and divine seva, or service.

Someone might be always present in the chapel or prayer room, chanting with the harmonium.

An atmosphere of love should be cultivated. Beautiful paintings, etc., should adorn every wall. A recreation room could be provided, but not emphasized as a place to congregate.

When people express grief or fear, help them to relax calmly into the Self. Help them to see death as a great adventure, a release from physical bondage and mental limitations. Every effort should be made to focus their minds and hearts on beauty and harmony; kindness and love; good will and inner joy.

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