Has Your Life Changed Since You’ve Done Your Will?
5 Questions to Help You in Doing a Will Review

When you prepare your Will, you base your provisions upon current circumstances. The passage of time brings about many changes – both anticipated and unforseen – which may create the need to revise your previous arrangements. Failure to modify your Will could bring unnecessary distress or difficulty to your loved ones.

Fortunately, your Will is never final until it takes effect.  Have your attorney make the necessary revisions. You might want to keep in touch with your life insurance agent, accountant and trust officer and let them help you, as they probably can, with any changes in your estate plans. Keep your updated Will where it is safe but accessible when changes are needed.

To assist you in deciding when you should review your Will, we have put together the following checklist of “signals” – occasions when you need to review your Will and make the necessary modifications. Ask yourself these questions:

Does one (or more) of the situations described above apply to you? If so, changes in your life are significant enough to warrant a review of your Will.

Take the precaution of conferring with your attorney to verify that your Will is legally sound and financially practical. Remember, by insuring that your Will is an accurate reflection of your wishes, you have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safeguarded … and that it will be your Will that is done.

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