Community Management Training Program


Shurjo Jha, Pune, India

Ananda, its communities and teaching centers, have expanded into many areas of the United States, Europe and India. Now there is a need to provide training for Ananda members, especially those who live outside the US, to begin to manage and lead the Ananda communities and centers where they live.  At present Ananda India has a number of young, talented people who would like to serve in this way. Through this Community Management Training Program they can begin to receive the training they will need to do this.

The Community Management Training Program will provide leadership, management, and business training and experience to members who reside in affiliated Ananda communities throughout the world. It is an important first step in training future leaders for Ananda, not only for those communities in existence today, but also for those that may be established in the future.

The program will be held at Ananda Village and will offer the experience gained by Ananda leaders and members through over 40 years of community development.

This program will operate in conjunction with the U.S. Immigration Services J-1 Exchange Visitor project.  The J-1 Visa is the vehicle used to bring non-immigrant applicants (in our case Ananda members) into the United States for periods up to 18 months. Ananda members who qualify for the J-1 Visa will be able to travel to Ananda Village for a training period that will include not only leadership, management, and business training, but also an in depth experience of community life and Ananda’s spiritual teachings applied to that life. Program participants will also have the opportunity to visit several other Ananda communities located in California.

The Janaka Foundation grant allows Ananda to begin the application process for the J-1 Visa. It is the first grant given in support of this new program.