Andy Lyon

01/01/1988 — 08/30/2013

From Ananta McSweeney

Andy came to the Living with Spirit Program in the summer of 2011. He immediately connected with all of us, as his gentle, deep nature spoke volumes. He told me and Maria about the cancer he was dealing with, but no one else. Then he took up the path of Kriya yoga, and his cancer seemed to be in remission.

When the summer ended, he stayed and lived with a group of the younger disciples in Inspiration House. He received Kriya initiation the next year in 2012, but the cancer had returned. At this point Andy had an inner feeling that he needed to walk the Pacific Crest Trail beginning at the Mexican border and ending at the Canadian Border. This was quite a challenge to take on given his condition, but, with the support of his mother and father, Andy set off. He and I talked about the possibility that his life might be cut short by the cancer. Andy was very accepting of this thought and fearlessly proceeded, with Master’s grace. During this time he also employed every available avenue of western medicine, ayurveda, and herbal and homeopathic means he could find, but nothing was working. He also forged ahead on walking the Pacific Coast Trail, even as the cancer spread. By fall, he had reached Washington State, receiving various treatments at clinics along the route. Local residents of northern Washington heard of his situation and rallied to help Andy and his father enlist donkeys to complete the PC Trail, which he did in fact do. By spring, the cancer had become terminal. Andy came again to Ananda Village at that time, spending 2 weeks staying at a friend’s home. Ananda was the place where he had hoped to live his life and he simply wanted to spend time there.

When he realized that living there wasn’t going to be possible, he asked to come to the Guest House at Crystal Hermitage to leave the planet. Through his resolute determination, Andy did make it back again to Ananda and to the Guest House. It was here that he left his body peacefully on August 30, 2013, with his Mom and Dad and sister and a few close friends in attendance. We held an astral ascension ceremony at Hansa temple the next day. As the ceremony began, a double rainbow filled the sky, beginning at the Guest House and arching above Hansa temple as the service was conducted. Andy Lyon’s body was 25 years old. He lives in the hearts of all his gurubais at the Village and in the Ananda Sangha Worldwide.