Simple Estate Planning Tips - Things You Can Do Now!

Doing your estate planning has become even more important in this time of the Coronavirus. Here are a few Estate Planning Tips that you can do now:

ParvatiNaming Beneficiaries
1. IRA or Life Insurance - Name beneficiaries on your IRA or Life Insurance policy by simply contacting the company that manages your account, by phone or by accessing your account online. If you include Ananda Janaka, our Tax ID is - 94-3400189.
2. Investment Accounts - You can also name beneficiaries on an Investment account by contacting your investment company directly.

POD - Pay on Death
Bank Accounts - checking or savings. Designate who will receive your checking or savings account funds after your passing. Be sure to notify the person or organization that you have named them, and give them the contact information for your bank or credit union.

Making Your Will
Ananda Janaka Website-Will Kit - Find supportive information and resources that can help you in making your Will.
Sample Language To include the Ananda Janaka Foundation in your will or other planning.
Make a donation to the Future of Ananda: Use the Donate button at the top of the page on the Ananda Janaka Foundation homepage.

For further information, contact Parvati Hansen at 530-478-7695 or
We wish you happy and successful planning, and are always happy to hear from you.
In divine friendship,

Parvati Hansen

Ananda Janaka Foundation - Grants 2020 100th Anniversary of Yogananda's arrival in America

The year 2020 was a big surprise in so many different ways. It was the 100th Anniversary of Yogananda arriving in America, and we began it by giving out 2020 Ananda Janaka Grants in early February. These grants were intended to help the Ananda Communities and Centers with expenses for their celebration events. One month later, when the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic, all but one of these events had to be re-scheduled for online only. Each Ananda Community and Center faced its very real challenges in being able to do this, but, each event did happen!

See the 7 events that took place and how the 2020 Grants helped to make them possible. Photo: Pier Park, Boston on Sept 19, 2020 where Yogananda arrived at a pier 100 years ago! The photo is of the Ananda East Coast event held to celebrate this momentous arrival.

By including the Ananda Janaka Foundation in your will, trust, or other estate planning you are supporting the future of Ananda.
Contact Parvati Hansen at 530-478-7695 or for further information.
We are now the Ananda Janaka Foundation. Any previous planning naming the "Janaka Foundation" in Wills and Trusts, etc., continues to be legally valid.