Promotions - Creation, promotion, and filming of discussion with Phil Goldberg, new Yogananda biographer.

The Janaka 2018 Grant was used by the Ananda Communications department for developing and promoting campaigns and events to expand Ananda's outreach and recognition. Video productions of Sunday services and Inner Renewal Week at Ananda Village shared the teachings. Productions of guided meditation were consistently added to the Meditation App. In collaboration with Ananda Español, modifications to videos added to content of the fast growing Spanish-speaking ministry. Various videos are widely accessible via the homepage, the Ananda Español webpage, the Meditation App, social media, and Ananda’s YouTube channels. The Communication department promoted new books, the Springtime at Ananda event, managed schedules of interviews by the media with Jyotish and Devi and promoted their special events center tours, strategized digital campaigns, and created media kits and press releases. Ananda’s engagement and recognition has greatly increased even since December. received many more first time visitors, the Ananda Sangha Worldwide YouTube channel video views increased steadily, and email subscriptions increased as well.

Ananda Español - Collaboration with Ananda Español added captioned and edited videos to online content.

Social Media - Quotes from Master and Swami are added to photos and posted on social media for sharing truths. 

Ananda Meditation App - Guided-meditation productions are added routinely to the Ananda Meditation App.