Making your Will is a wise and sensible step. Without a Will the savings, investments, and other property you leave must be distributed according to law, a necessarily rigid and impersonal procedure. No matter how strong your feelings about which people and organizations you wish to benefit from your estate, your wishes cannot be honored unless you make a Will.

This Guide offers practical thoughts on planning. It is not a guide to writing a Will. That is a job you should entrust to an attorney who is familiar with laws and procedures in the state where you live. Don’t try to draft your own Will and don’t copy someone else’s. Errors in the wording or execution of even the simplest Will could have expensive consequences for your heirs.

How to use this Guide to your best advantage

Before you jot down any information, look through the following pages to get the general “lay of the land”. This quick survey will prepare you to think about your Will in an organized way. After a preliminary run-through, return to the beginning and start making notes of what you own and how you wish to leave it, beginning with the basic information called for on the next two pages.
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