2016 Ananda Portland Grant

From Nayaswamis Daiva and Gangamata, February 2017:

We have recently decided to use the Janaka grant to hire a young woman named Erin Vinacco to help promote the completion of our new school building. Erin moved here from Rhode Island last August to teach at the school and is currently residing at Laurelwood. She was previously an active member of the Ananda Rhode Island group, and is also a Kriyaban. Rose Neal had been heading up the capital campaign for the new school building, but was increasingly finding herself busy with the day to day demands of running the school. So we are using the grant to hire Erin (she is still teaching at the school, but on a part-time basis) to generate magnetism and energy around the school project. She just started about two weeks ago and is wrapping her aura around the project – meeting with different folks, learning about fundraising, speaking at Sunday Service etc.
We are grateful for the grant, so that we can hire Erin and get the school building finished! Erin seems like the perfect person for the job. She has a deep understanding of Education For Life and also has the potential to be part of the “next wave” of Ananda leaders.

From Erin Vinacco, regarding the Living Wisdom School project:

The grant from the Janaka Foundation will go toward supporting me in my new role as Head of Development for the Living Wisdom School. I am a disciple of Yogananda and preschool teacher at Living Wisdom School Portland, and I will now be taking the lead in the school’s expansion project that was started in 2014. The new school building is currently half completed with another $700,000 needed to finish the project. When completed, this building will allow the school to grow into a center for Education For Life teacher training, parent education and community support.
The building project is more than just a bigger physical space — it’s building the kind of world we want to live in by bringing the universal teachings of yoga and Self-realization into daily practice. I am excited by this opportunity to spread the word about higher consciousness in education. The on-going success of the school and it’s unique philosophy will help in doing this.