The following are some of the areas that have benefited from the 2016 Janaka Grant to Ananda Palo Alto:

  • ‘Grow’ the existing yoga studio through publicity and training new teachers  – $4,000
  • A new furnace for the Ananda community center and temple, Chela Bhavan – $3,500
  • Re-carpeting the church teaching center … $13,450
  • Re-modeling of the church room used for flower arranging, candles, and photo storage … $18,000
  • Make a video of Ananda Palo Alto for better outreach … $5,000
  • Redesign and make mobile friendly the present Ananda Palo Alto website … $3000
  • Rebuild the destroyed garden hoop house at Ananda Valley Farm, making it more secure and doubling the size to allow growing warm weather crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and others …   $30,000
  • Living Wisdom School van … $22,000

The remainder of the grant is being held in a separate account by Ananda Palo Alto for future projects as they arise.