prototype-01“If you want to know me, listen to my music.”  With these words, Swami Kriyananda urged us to grasp the importance of his music to our attunement and spiritual life.  To this end, Radio Ananda strives to make Swamiji’s music available 24/7 to truth-seekers around the world. For years, people have been able to listen to Ananda music primarily on their computers.  Now, this service is about to expand.

With the help of a grant from the Janaka Foundation, we are in the process of developing an app for smartphones and other mobile devices (both iPhone and Android) so that people can more easily access Ananda music — whether traveling or at home. Listeners with smart phones will soon be able to tune into the joy of this music whenever, and wherever, they want. Here is a testimonial from a devotee in India:

“Swamiji’s music is Heavenly. His music just takes us to a place where there is Joy, Bliss, Inspiration, and Encouragement. If at all there is sadness, it’s the feeling of longing for God. How wonderful to listen, sing, and play his music, time and again!”

And a second testimonial:

“Thanks a lot to Radio Ananda, which I have been tuning into only recently; the instrumentals, choir, and chants of Master are just amazing and soulful. I listen to them mostly while driving… So taking longer routes to places always!    Thank you, Swamiji. Thank you, Radio Ananda.”

Radio Ananda thanks the Janaka Foundation for the honor and blessing of receiving this grant.


With joy,
Nayaswami Nalini and Jagrav Quinn
for Radio Ananda