Nitai Deranja, the founder of Education For Life Schools, has made his full-time focus in 2015 to make the Education For Life concepts accessible beyond the Ananda network. Here are some highlights of what he is doing for the next year:

1) Life Skill Action Charts: 15 small booklets to develop practical skills such as: Building Will Power, Making Friends, Choosing Happiness, and more. These booklets will be professionally designed and available for use by teachers.

2) An Online Survey related to the above Action Chart booklets. This survey is still under construction. People can take the survey, find out their balance with the Tools of Maturity, and be referred to the appropriate action chart(s) to develop strength in a particular area.

3) Education For Life – information for parents

4) Education For Life – conferences & blogs – Last year, 2015, marked the Education for Life fourth annual retreat, which was held at Ananda Village, located outside Nevada City, California. Over 48 people attended the retreat that year.

6) Online EFL development classesnew and improved.

See the all new Education for Life website just launched in March 2016!