A 2014 Janaka Foundation Grant was given to the Education for Life Online Training Course for Program and Website development. This course presents the basic principles of Education for Life to students from all over the world. The Education for Life system has been used by Ananda for over 40 years. Schools based on the EFL principles are located at Ananda Village, Ananda Palo Alto, Ananda Seattle, Ananda Portland, and Ananda Assisi. For more information on this wonderful system, please see the Education for Life book sold by Crystal Clarity Publishers. You can also learn much more about EFL at www.edforlife.com

Update on 2014 Grant
to show more specifically how this grant is being used. From the program director, Usha Dermond:
“Our latest class started last Saturday with 13 in the class. Three are from California, four are from Oregon, one from Texas, one from Italy, and another four are potential teachers for an EFL school in Slovenia! (Of these students some are already teachers, some are training to become EFL teachers, and some are parents who simply want to know more about the EFL system.)

“We have another class on Conscious Classroom Management starting in November 2014 for those who have finished the other two courses. And then in January we have a class in EdforLife (Education for Life) curriculum and lesson planning beginning.

“We continue to be inspired by the [EFL training program] students!”


Education for Life school, Palo Alto, CA


An outdoor class at Ananda Assisi