Stephan Ferenchak

stefan ferenchakStefan (Satyan) Ferenchak is from Haddonfield, NJ. He studied Environmental Science and Geography at UC Santa Barbara before transferring to Ananda College. He is studying Education for Life and is working towards a B.A. degree in Living Wisdom Studies. He enjoys student teaching in the 1st and 2nd grade at the Living Wisdom School in Beaverton, leading nature awareness walks, hiking, basketball, preparing meals for the students, staff, and residents, and singing with the Ananda Portland Choir. After graduating, he would like to teach at the elementary level in one of Ananda’s Living Wisdom Schools. In addition, Satyan (his spiritual name) has taken Brahmachari vows at the college.

Dear Ananda College Donors & Sponsors;
Thank you very much for helping to make this year possible for us, at Ananda College.  I am in the Education for Life Teacher Training Program and am working towards becoming a teacher at the elementary level, in one of Ananda’s Living Wisdom Schools.  I am working towards a B.A. degree in Living Wisdom Studies, with a focus in Education for Life.  In addition to several classes, I am currently student teaching two days a week at the Living Wisdom School in Beaverton, OR, which I enjoy very much.  Being able to share and apply character-building values with my students is very fulfilling.  I am glad that I am helping to prepare these children to meet life’s challenges with understanding and a positive attitude.   Here at Ananda College, in October, we hosted what we felt was a very successful ‘Student Yoga Weekend’.  The friendships that we made, and the support that we were able to give to our guests, fellow truth-seekers, made it very worthwhile.  Some of my favorite classes have been Eastern Wisdom Traditions;  World Cultures & Consciousness;  Vegetarian Cooking;   Cooperative Communities; and Purposeful Writing.

I especially enjoyed our trip to Sedona, AZ for the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge.  This complemented our World Cultures and Consciousness course.  During that time, I could feel my mind expanding to appreciate and consider different ways that people live and have lived before.  After the conference, our class took a memorable trip, hiking in the Grand Canyon.  Working together and helping each other through the challenge of the hike made our friendships grow stronger.  I really appreciate the kind of students that Ananda College attracts.  They are inspired, creative, courageous, energetic, fun, and peaceful.  I am very happy to be studying here and I thank you for adding your support.


Stefan (Satyan) Ferenchak