The Memorial Garden at Ananda Village has now become a reality. The first stage of this special area is now in place with an artfully poured and stamped concrete pad as its base and beautifully crafted steel beams and cupola forming the open air temple on top of it. The morning it was erected, July 31, 2018, felt blessed with a group of 20 or more people joining in to help put it up.

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Videos of the cement pour and pergola installation:

Some History about the Memorial site

The Memorial Garden site was blessed in 1993 by Swami Kriyananda during a large event at  Ananda Village called the Pilgrimage to Joy. At that time this site was designated for a Temple of Divine Inspiration which, subsequently, wasn’t able to be built then. Now, 25 years later, we are able to enjoy the wonderful blessings of this site by building the Memorial Garden there.

The Memorial Garden is a “forest garden” at this time, located in a beautiful area of oak trees and with a view of Lotus Lake. The open air temple will include benches and a permanent altar, and eventually an adjoining area for the names of those who have passed. The Garden will be a place for Memorial services, but it is also a place for meditation, prayer, and remembrance. We hope you will enjoy it when you visit Ananda Village.


Who is it for?

The Memorial site is not only for Ananda Village residents, but for those who are part of our Ananda spiritual family, as well as those who have had a meaningful connection with Ananda and this path.

Memorial Donations

The funds to build the Memorial Garden are provided by the Janaka Foundation and include several larger Memorial donations we have received over the years. Further development of this special area will happen as we receive additional donations.

Memorial donations can be made on the Janaka Foundation website, the Ananda Remembers page.
Donations may also be made by check made to Janaka Foundation, and mailed to:
   14618 Tyler Foote Rd. #242
   Nevada City, CA 95959

All donations are gratefully welcomed.

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