April 2016 – Things are still moving forward with the development of the Memorial site, but more slowly than we had hoped. We hope to have some preliminary work done on the site this year in preparation for building. We will keep you informed as things move forward.

February 2016 – In the spring of 2016, the Memorial site at Ananda Village will begin the Design phase of planning. During this phase both the Memorial and Temple designs will be coordinated in various ways to make them feel part of one whole design. We’ll let you know as things progress in this phase what this look and feel will be like. Please contact Parvati Hansen for more information and questions. Janaka office – 530-478-7695

August 2015 Update!
As you know from our May newsletter, this new Memorial site will include a small outdoor temple, access to nearby Lotus Lake for scattering of ashes, and an area for remembrance plaques.
The Update is that the Memorial site planning will now move forwardin conjunction with the overall planning for the new Temple of Light being planned for Ananda Village This new Temple, which is the first large temple to be built at the Village, will be located in the meadow across from The Expanding Light retreat. The design for it will be based on the two existing Ananda Temples of Light: one in Seattle, Washington and the other at Ananda Assisi in Italy. We will keep you updated as we begin to look at the overall landscape – from the new Temple site in the meadow, to the Yogananda Amphitheater, and down to Lotus Lake where the Memorial site will be located. The land in this area is beautiful and the planning process for the Temple of Light and the Memorial site will now be looking at all of it as a whole.

February 2015A Memorial Site at Ananda Village
Over the years a number of people have asked about ways of having memorial recognition at Ananda Village. The idea of having a Memorial site has grown out of these inquiries. The site will provide an outdoor focus for smaller Memorial services as well as for personal meditations.

The location will be near Lotus Lake, and across from the Yogananda Amphitheater. It will include a small outdoor temple with a permanent altar and benches, as well as a place to scatter ashes by the lake. In addition, the site will include a plaque for the names of those who have passed. (This plaque will be the only location in the area where the names of individuals appear.)

Who is it for? The Memorial site will be not only for Village residents, but for all those who have had a meaningful connection with Ananda and this path, and who look to Ananda for their spiritual support. Our Ananda spiritual family is broadly based, and we know that this Memorial site will be meaningful to many people.

The Site: The Memorial site will be situated among beautiful oak trees, and will be unfenced. It will therefore not include flowers and other types of plantings.

When will this project begin? We hope to begin development of the Memorial site in the fall of 2015, as funds become available.

Donations: For the present time, Memorial donations made to either the Janaka Foundation or Ananda (unless otherwise directed) will be directed to developing and maintaining this new Memorial site. All donations for this site are certainly welcomed.

For more information, Contact Us.
Or contact Parvati Hansen at the Janaka Foundation office – 530-478-7695.