Legacy Giving

Leave a Legacy Gift to Ananda!
The ways in which you can make this kind of gift are simple. You can include the Janaka Foundation as a beneficiary of your will or trust, for your IRA, or a life insurance policy. These are a few of the ways in which people have done this planning, and, in this way, provided for the future of a work that has meant so much to them during their lifetime.

How Legacy Gifts are used
Legacy gifts are used to support core areas of Ananda, including: Ananda’s Worldwide Ministries, Crystal Clarity Publishers, Education for Life, the Joyful Arts, and Cooperative Spiritual Communities.
In support of these core areas, the Janaka Foundation has established two major funds – a Grant Fund and an Endowment Fund.
Janaka Grants are made annually from our Grant Fund and have supported core areas of Ananda such as: Education for Life – both Teacher Training and Scholarships; the Joyful Arts – both music and the Finding Happiness movie; Ananda India Pune; Ananda House assisted living; and Management Training for Ananda leaders.

Our Endowment Fund, as it builds, will begin to provide Ananda with an annual source of income that will be an additional support for many areas of our work. Donations may be made at any time to our Endowment Fund.

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