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Tonya Gorman

Tonya Gorman is studying to win her B.A. in Holistic Health & Healing, lives in Portland and attended the Portland Living Wisdom School. She spent a year of her high school education in Switzerland, has lived and traveled in Costa Rica, hopes to travel and serve in Peru, and speaks very good Spanish. Tonya is […]

Kayla Mills

Kayla Wills

Kayla Wills is from Orland, California and transferred to Ananda College from Butte Community College. She is focusing on the Education for Life Teaching certificate offered by the college, but has also won the year-long Yoga Teacher Training Certificate the college offers. Her goal is to work as a pre-school or Kindergarten teacher in a […]

Hanna White

Hanna White

Hanna White is from Portland, Oregon. She is studying to receive a B.A. degree at Ananda College and is focusing on Cooperative Communities, Sustainability and Directional Psychology. Hanna enjoys painting, singing, and spending time in the Natural world for inspiration and connection. After graduation, Hanna would like to apply her studies by visiting intentional communities, […]

stefan ferenchak

Stephan Ferenchak

Stefan (Satyan) Ferenchak is from Haddonfield, NJ. He studied Environmental Science and Geography at UC Santa Barbara before transferring to Ananda College. He is studying Education for Life and is working towards a B.A. degree in Living Wisdom Studies. He enjoys student teaching in the 1st and 2nd grade at the Living Wisdom School in […]

Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson is from Seattle and is a senior in High School, doing an advanced program with Ananda College of Living Wisdom.  Her long-term intention is to become an Education For Life teacher, but for her first college term, she has been experimenting with the core curriculum and taking Eastern Wisdom Traditions, Directional Psychology, Holistic […]

Matt Isbel

Matthew Isbel

Matthew Isbel is from Los Angeles, California and is studying Creative Writing and Living Wisdom Studies at Ananda College (class of 2014). A transfer student from UCLA, Mathew spent a brief period as a production assistant in the film industry before joining Ananda College. My name is Matthew Isbell and I am writing this letter […]

rosie ayala

Rosie Ayala

Rosie Ayala graduated from Forest Charter School in Nevada City. She attended SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) before transferring to Ananda College. Rosie is studying to receive a B.A. at Ananda College. She enjoys spending time in and appreciating nature as well as creating art. She is focusing on general Living Wisdom […]